Cash donations

When disaster strikes, the best way to support survivors of disaster in Oklahoma remains donating financial contributions to reputable voluntary organizations. Cash donations allow nonprofit organizations to purchase what disaster survivors need. Buying from local businesses helps the economy recover. 

Donations of used clothing and miscellaneous household items must be sorted, warehoused, transported and distributed, which diverts resources from agencies that are coordinating distribution of identified needs.

Monetary donations make supply chain sense, especially because they help promote local sourcing of supplies, stimulating the local economy. Buying supplies locally helps pay salaries and keeps tax revenues in the community, generating funds that can be used to repair and strengthen public infrastructure and services.

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In-kind donations

Always confirm what is needed before taking action. If you must donate in-kind goods, make certain that they are specifically requested and needed by recognized organizations. Remember that unsolicited donated goods require responding organizations to redirect valuable resources away from providing services.

To offer an in-kind donation to an Oklahoma VOAD partner, follow the link below and complete the requested information.

In-Kind Donation Offer Form



Members of Oklahoma VOAD depend on a strong volunteer force to fullfill their mission of helping survivors and their Oklahoma communities following a disaster.

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