VOAD Activation Plan

REVISED May 2017

The purpose of the Oklahoma Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Oklahoma VOAD) is to bring together organizations active in disaster services to foster more effective response to the people of Oklahoma in times of disaster through: Cooperation, Communications, Coordination, and Collaboration.

The purpose and mission statement of the National Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (National VOAD) and the bylaws of Oklahoma VOAD specifically prevent either organization from providing direct disaster service to victims, except as requested by government agencies, as this would then make National VOAD/Oklahoma VOAD another response agency. In view of this, Oklahoma VOAD will continue to be a facilitating agency to bring together as many voluntary organizations active in a disaster response as will participate.

With this in mind, Oklahoma VOAD shall support response to disasters in the following manner:

  1. Once a request is received for Oklahoma VOAD membership support, the Oklahoma VOAD chairperson (or designee) may coordinate a conference call, webinar or email for all Oklahoma VOAD membership.

  2. Oklahoma VOAD chairperson (or designee) may report to the State Emergency Operations Center when requested and become the liaison for all Oklahoma VOAD membership not then represented in the EOC.

  3. Oklahoma VOAD chairperson (or designee) will meet with the Oklahoma Emergency Management Liaison (or designee), and will facilitate an Oklahoma VOAD conference call and/or meeting as soon as practical to do so.

  4. Oklahoma VOAD Chairperson (or designee) will provide the organizational minutes regarding Oklahoma VOAD agency activities to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management at regular intervals or when necessitated by significant changes in service or location.

  5. At the close of the response phase of an operation, Oklahoma VOAD Chairperson (or designee) may request a consolidated report from each voluntary organization assisting in disaster response which will enable Oklahoma VOAD to implement best practices that will enhance future response operations. Reports will be brought as an agenda item at the next Oklahoma VOAD meeting following the disaster.

  6. The Oklahoma VOAD is a support network as designated in the ESF#6 and ESF #14 as a “Support Agency,” in the State of Oklahoma Emergency Operation Plan and will engage with Oklahoma Emergency Management when requested and as able to assist.