Oklahoma Severe Weather Response


Oklahoma Residence

If you have been impacted by a disaster please file a report report online at damage.ok.gov


Oklahoma VOAD Members are actively responding to the severe weather that has impacted our State and will continue to work to support those impacted for as long as needed.


If you have Volunteers available please call 2-1-1 to offer those services. 


If you need home damage assistance please call 2-1-1


If you or somone you know is in crisis please call 800-522-9054.


Children and Young Adults under age 25 please call 833-885-2273 for help.



Please contact the organizaiton of your choice and find out exactly what they need.


To learn how to clean up after a flood watch N. Dakota State Univ. video



To have your septic or water well checked call DEQ at 800-522-0206


To receive free legal advice call 888-602-8494


To follow disaster updates



For a map of road closures



To report contractor fraud:

OK Insurance Department - https://www.oid.ok.gov/consumers/anti-fraud-unit/anti-fraud-law-enforcement/

OK Attorney General - http://www.oag.ok.gov/consumer-protection-unit1



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